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Classical Vauxhall is your chance to enjoy the finest classical talent streamed into your home for free, filmed live in concert in Vauxhall, London.
Across 4 nights, Festival Director Fiachra Garvey is joined by artists Jess Gilliam (saxophone), Zeynep Özsuca (piano), Elena Urioste (violin) & Tom Poster (piano), Hanna Hipp (mezzo-soprano) and Emma Abbate (piano), and the Navarra String Quartet.
The concerts are also a chance to learn more about the Vauxhall community and the area’s rich history of music and entertainment, featuring the illustrious history of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.

The Shakespeare Globe:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Much a do about nothing


Richard II

Romeo & Juliet


The Tempest