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Lots of entertainment and lockdown activities.

Literature & Art


PGTB Free Little Library

This service is for the whole community!

You can borrow and/or exchange books.

(Please remember to return or replace books)

Currently every Monday in Seeley Drive Parade between 10am-4:30pm

Audio Books

MACBETH by William Shakespeare

PRIDE & PREJUDICE by Jane Austen

GRIMM’S FAIRY TALES by the Brothers Grimm

12 Years a Slave Chapter 1 by Solomon Northup

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

THE SONNETS by William Shakespeare



Sherlock Holmes read by Benedict Cumberbatch Read


Click here for the latest Covid-19 Government Guidelines.

Mutual Aid volunteers wanted to support those in need during Covid.”


Lockdown Activities

A message from Paxton Green former GP

Hi Timebankers,

Here is your easy to digest latest Government Guidelines by Dr Louise…

As was sadly predicted, the Government finds themselves again having to impose restrictions to try and halt the spread of the coronavirus. The message should be as simple as before although there are lots of changing regulations.

In essence, you should:  

1. Stay at Home unless absolutely necessary. You can leave home for the following reasons: 

A)      To go to work if you can’t work from home 

B)      To get essential shopping 

C)      To go to a medical appointment 

D)      Going to school or education setting where this cannot be done on line 

E)      To exercise – you can now meet one other person from another household outside. You can be outdoors with your household or your support bubble. 

(If you require 24 hour care or are a child under school age, this does not count towards the two people limit) 

F)       To visit members of your support bubble, provide care for vulnerable people or as a volunteer 

G)     To avoid or escape from abuse or harm such as domestic violence 

2. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, especially after going out, if you have handled goods that have been delivered to you, after meeting anyone and before preparing food.

3. Wear a mask outdoors and on public transport

4. When outdoors, maintain a distance of 2m from other people

5. If you are over 60, or have, underlying health issues, you should be very vigilant as you may be more at risk than others. This simply means more hand washing and cleaning down frequently touched surfaces in your home 

6. If you are over 70 and /or have a chronic underlying condition, or are pregnant, you are deemed to be Clinically Vulnerable

It is hoped that these measures will be partially lifted at the end of a month but I think it would be unwise to assume that this will happen. Unfortunately, hospitals are already on the brink of being overwhelmed due to the rapid rise in cases needing hospital treatment, general winter pressures and a backlog of cases from the first lockdown. The NHS is desperately trying to continue to assess and treat all conditions including Covid. 

  • DO speak to your GP if you have any new or worrying symptoms. 
  • PLEASE try and help by obeying the regulations and not putting yourself at unnecessary risk of coronavirus 
  • DO seek help and advice if you are not sure

Mental Health Maintenance

Here are 10 points to help maintain wellbeing and mental health: 

  1. Firstly, check your employment and benefits rights so you know what you are entitled to and where you may need support. 
  2. Plan your day: make a list of practical things that need doing and feel good as you slowly tick them off. 
  3. Stay in touch with friends and family or support groups and set up regular communications on the phone or by video. 
  4. Voice your concerns or worries with those who support you and try to rationalise your
    thoughts. Write things down if there’s no one immediately available. 
  5. Look after your body and health: 
  6. Eat regular balanced meals 
    • Drink plenty of water 
    • Avoid alcohol, drugs, smoking and overeating sweet things 
    • Exercise:  
      1. Indoors, e.g. 10 min workout, Dance to your favourite song. 
      2. Outdoors: go for a walk every day and maybe meet a friend. 
  7. Reduce anxiety – ask for help if feeling overwhelms you, use relaxation and breathing 
  8. Limit the amount of News you watch; don’t tune in all day! Use trusted sites 
  9. Do things you enjoy: hobbies, cooking, reading, quizzes, concerts on radio/TV, try new things. 
  10. Relax: set aside a little time each day to just be and use those breathing and relaxation techniques. 
  11. Sleep properly: Have a bedtime routine, don’t watch upsetting material before bed, have a warm bath and a good book. 

I hope this helps 

Dr Louise 

PGTB Health Editor 

Dr Louise is a Paxton Green Time Bank (PGTB) Trustee and a GP at Paxton Green Group Practice where PGTB was founded.  

If you have, any questions about the new government guidelines or Covid – 19 for Dr Louise please let the Time Bank Team know and they will pass them on to Dr Louise.  

If your questions along with the answers could be of help to many people, we will share it anonymously (of course) to the wider timebanking network. It’s another way we can support each other through these difficult times. Take care Timebankers. 

Download a copy of our Coronavirus information leaflet below.

Paxton Green Time Bank Information Leaflet