Food Hub


Bank Holiday Monday 3rd & 17th May

There will be no food parcel deliveries on these dates. We will only be providing a limited amount of emergency parcels on the following Tuesdays.

If you are in need of an emergency food parcel, please text your name and EMERGENCY to 07543 628 458 or email

Food Parcels ending in June 2021

As the pandemic is subsiding, our food will be coming to an end in June 2021.

During this time we will be receiving a reduced amount of food donations and will no longer be accepting new refferals. Therfore we shall be reducing the number of food parcel deliveries.

You shall be contacted regarding this shortly. However, if you are now able to manage without the support of food parcels please text your name and STOP to 07543 628 458 or email


If you anticipate that this will cause you hardship, you may contact one of the following food hubs.


Southwark Food Bank

Peckham Pantry


Brixton Food Bank

Norwood & Brixton Food Bank

Thank you for your patience during this time

Paxton Green Time Bank Admin