Asset-Sharing Network – South East Lambeth

A partnership project working with a number of GP Practices.

Supporting local Community, Voluntary and Social Enterprise Sector organisations to collaborate and connect with the Health Sector.

Time4Lambeth is delivering an exciting new project, the Asset-Sharing Network, working in partnership with a number of local GP Practices across South East Lambeth.

Our Asset-Sharing Network project has two parts for organisations, groups and individuals to be involved in, and so twice the benefit!

The first part of the Asset-Sharing Network is a quarterly networking opportunity at Aspire Wellbeing.  This is for organisations, groups, projects and individuals working within the Community, Voluntary and Social Enterprise (CVSE) Sector and the Health Sector in the local area.  This provides us all the chance to network, connect with one another and develop collaborative projects and partnerships in the borough for the benefit of Lambeth residents.

The second part of the project happens immediately after the first, and is an open-to-the-public Community Fair for participants to have a stall and promote their projects, activities, volunteering opportunities, enterprises etc. to Lambeth residents.  Our GP Practice partners help to promote this second part directly to their patients so they can come and see what is happening in their local community!  The GP Practice staff are welcomed to come along on the day, and the Practices themselves signpost patients to the Community Fair too.  This is because they recognise the great health and well-being benefits that community activity can achieve.

So do we do this?

We recognise that we in the CVSE Sector contribute greatly to improving health and wellbeing in Lambeth, and so working closely with GP Practices and CVSE Sector to build on the great achievements so many groups, organisations and individuals are already achieving makes a lot of sense to us!

We also see though that when we collaborate and work together, we strengthen our sector and help it to grow.  Great things happen when we give our time and resources to help each other, and that’s why for those attending the network we have one request as well as one offer.  One cost and one reward it you like!

The Asset-Sharing Network is completely free if you’re thinking in terms of money.  What we request of attendees instead is a willingness to contribute their time, assets or resources to help others flourish and improve the great work done in Lambeth.  To do this we would like those attending the network to be willing to give 5 hours’ worth of their time over the following quarter to support another attendee, if asked to do so.  Not a great deal of time when spread over 3 months!  The upside too is that they are able to receive 5 hours of time as well from another attendee at the network, and so can be rewarded for any time they put in!

So for example, a large organisation with a community room could offer it to a small group for 5 hours over the quarter, and in return ask that another attendee delivers 5 hours’ of art workshops for their service users.  Or a small, developing group could ask for 5 hours help with designing their promotional material, and in return could help with planning and delivering an event for another charity.  Everyone gets to give, everyone gets to gain, and everyone is a winner!

As a network and working with the local GPs we can help each other to develop our projects, and in the process keep building a connected, strong, happy and healthy Lambeth.

To join click link below:

Please contact Funmi or Suzanne on 02086700990 to become a member of the Asset-Sharing Network.