Timebanking in Southwark

Member Jane fixing the shredder at our Bring & Fix event, Pembroke House

Time4Southwark is the name of our outreach work supporting the development of timebanking in Southwark

We have begun an exciting new partnership with HOurBank and Southwark CCG to set up timebanks in:

  • Hurley and Lister PPG and GP practice
  • Acorn & Gaumont PPG and GP practice

Our work is informed and strengthened by the Time4Southwark Network – a meeting of time banks and organisations actively involved or interested in adopting a timebanking approach in their existing work.  Paxton Green Time Bank and HOurBank already have a long history of working together.  By co-producing a network of timebanking organisations across Southwark there is a real opportunity for local timebanking communities to connect and exchange knowledge and resources with each other.

We continue working to raise awareness of timebanking’s asset-based approach across healthcare services in the borough so that people involved in timebanking can improve their confidence, make better life choices and improve their mental wellbeing.

Some of our past and current collaborations include GP surgeries, community groups and individuals where we work to develop timebanking models suited to their aims.  This includes:

Case studies

Spanish-English language exchange timebanking cafe

We have set up a Spanish-English language exchange timebanking café for women in partnership with Latin American Women’s Rights Service.  The Spanish speakers report that this is an important forum for them as they don’t often mix with English speakers and therefore need to improve their confidence in speaking English, particularly so that they can apply for better jobs.  All the women feel they are using their skills to help each other – it is a reciprocal exchange in the spirit of fostering equality and developing long-term friendships.  All women earn credits for participating and can spend them with other time bank members.

Beatriz – a time bank member

We met Beatriz when we were running an Introduction to Timebanking workshop at a long term health conditions (LTHC) group.  We set up a timebanking café with Beatriz which takes referrals from the ongoing LTHC group.  The aim of the café is peer support and to improve wellbeing through timebanking.  Beatriz says timebanking has given her more confidence, takes her mind off her health condition and gets her out and about.  She has now set up another wellbeing café and is co-presenting timebanking with us to new members of the LTHC group.

Thinking of timebanking?

If you are a voluntary organisation, GP surgery, healthcare organisation or somebody passionate about their local community and would like further information on how you might go about integrating timebanking into your existing work, get in touch.  Or contact us at suzanne@pgtimebank.org if you just want to know more about timebanking.

Our blog

See timebanking in action at our Time4Southwark blog


Get in touch:

Suzanne Worrica, Time4Southwark Coordinator
T: 020 8670 0990  E:  suzanne@pgtimebank.org  Twitter:  @Time4southwark


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