Timebanking in Southwark

Member Jane fixing the shredder at Pembroke House

Time4Southwark is our outreach project supporting the development of timebanking in Southwark

We work with organisations, GP surgeries, community groups and individuals to develop timebanking models suited to their aims.  Our current partners include:

  • Nunhead Surgery
  • Paxton Green surgery
  • Lime Tree House (residential care home)
  • Southwark Resource Centre
  • Latin American Women’s Rights Service
  • The People’s Bureau

We also work to raise awareness of timebanking’s asset-based approach across healthcare services in the borough so that people involved in timebanking can improve their confidence, make better life choices and improve their mental wellbeing.

A timebanking success story

Maud, a resident at Lime Tree House wanted to feel less isolated and useful again.  She was matched with Marita, from Peru who wanted to improve her English language skills in order to get a better job.  Maud helps Marita with her English, whilst Marita brings her news from the outside world and shares her culture.  They are now friends.  Some months after matching them, Maud reports feeling useful whilst Marita has got a new job and says her English has markedly improved. They both earn time credits for sharing their time and skills.

Our work is informed and strengthened by the Time4Southwark Network – a meeting of time banks and organisations actively involved or interested in adopting a timebanking approach in their existing work, including HOurBank.  Paxton Green Time Bank and HOurBank already have a long history of working together.  By co-producing a network of timebanking organisations across Southwark there is a real opportunity for local timebanking communities to connect and exchange skills and resources with each other.

Our offer  

We have been generously funded by Southwark Innovation Fund to support the growth of timebanking.  If you are a voluntary organisation, GP surgery, healthcare organisation or somebody passionate about their local community and would like further information on how you might go about integrating timebanking into your existing work, get in touch.  Or contact us if you just want to know more about timebanking in general. We provide free information, support and training and should you choose to use timebanking, we offer free membership to a database (used by time banks across the world) that facilitates the recording and tracking of skills exchanges.  We can train you and your colleagues to use the database or let us facilitate for you.

Our blog

See timebanking in action at our Time4Southwark blog



Thinking of timebanking?

Suzanne Worrica, Time4Southwark Coordinator
T: 020 8670 0990  E:  suzanne@pgtimebank.org  Twitter:  @Time4southwark



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