Spanish-English Language Cafe

When? Fortnightly

September 5 & 19th 2017 and fortnightly to March 2018.

Time: 11 – 1pm

Venue: Draper Hall, Hampton St, SE1 6SN

We’re starting an exciting new Spanish-English language timebanking exchange  café in Elephant and Castle in partnership with Latin American Women’s Rights Service.  Swap your English with Spanish speakers, learn something new, earn credits and have fun while learning!  There will also be no-cost (apart from travel) trips out to help practice your new skills.  At the moment this is open to women only (sorry guys!) Free creche, but please book your space: Tel: 0208 670 0990 or Email:

Background to the project 

Paxton Green Time Bank (PGTB) and Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) are very excited to have been given the opportunity by the Feminist Review Trust to develop a coproduced language exchange ‘café’. This timebanking project will be led by women from LAWRS and PGTB who will exchange language skills (Spanish/English) and get to know each other by sharing time and knowledge. This fortnightly hub will lead to the exchange of other skills and other coproduced social opportunities. Timebanking skills typically offered can include help with IT, sharing local knowledge, dressmaking, Recipe swaps, decorating, gardening, letter writing, befriending, fitness buddies, help with CV writing etc. but the possibilities are truly endless as each participant brings a new skills set! In Timebanking, for every hour you spend sharing a skill you earn one credit which you can spend on getting help in return. This process of coproduction redefines work, valuing the core economy of caring, home making and child raising as equal to more traditionally valued and defined ‘work’. 

As an example, we are supporting Espacio Mama, a mother’s group, to set up a timebanking childcare group. The women will look after each other’s children whilst they work, in return for time credits.  They would like to spend the credits within the wider Paxton Green Time Bank.  We also identified other skills they want to share including cooking, dancing, form filling etc.  The mums will earn credits for contributing to the process of setting up the childcare group, giving their knowledge on safeguarding, local places to meet and how the childcare group will operate.

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