Safe Time Exchanges

At Paxton Green Time Bank we follow a strict safe time exchanges policy.  We do this to make sure you get the most from your experience Timebanking, but are safe when you do it too.

As a member of Paxton Green Time Bank you’ll never be asked to do a time exchange with someone you haven’t met.  A member of staff will always help by introducing you the Time Bank member you are helping or getting help from.  At that point you can still change your mind if you don’t feel comfortable.

We also run lots of community group, events, activities and workshops that are a great way to meet your fellow Time Bank-ers, make new friends and get to know and feel safe with the other members of the Time Bank.  Coming along to these is a great way to ensure everyone is safe in the Time Bank, as other members stop being just ‘members’ and become friends that you know, like and trust!

Just to be sure everyone is safe and happy, we follow the TimebankingUK safe exchanges guidlines which can be found here.