Timebanking in Lambeth

Time4Lambeth is our Timebanking outreach project specifically focusing on Lambeth.

Interested in Timebanking in Lambeth?  If so then Time4Lambeth is for you!

Through our Time4Lambeth project we are working to develop a network of Timebanking ‘hubs’ across Lambeth so that more people in the borough can enjoy the benefits of being a member of a Time Bank.

For organisations:

Our Offer:

We work with organisations, groups, charities, educational bodies and any other organisations who are interested in developing Timebanking in a way that suits them.  We can provide tailored support to parties interested in developing a Timebanking model which can include:

  • Introduction to Timebanking workshops / presentations for all stakeholders
  • Free support to develop a Time Bank project including 1-1 training of staff responsible for the Time Bank, help with events and activities, member registration and introduction to time exchange facilitation
  • Free access to and training and indefinite support with TimebankingUK’s specific Timebanking software ‘Time & Talents’
  • Asset mapping workshops aiming to map skills and assets and elicit what participants might want to offer or receive
  • Membership to a network of local Timebanking practitioners to provide mutual support, information, advice and guidance
  • A flexible, responsive and collaborative approach to develop the Time Bank

We also work to raise awareness of Timebanking’s asset-based approach and impact on improving health and wellbeing.  Individuals engaged in Timebanking experience improvements to their health and wellbeing through activity that achieves one or more of the 5 ways to wellbeing.  As a result we actively search for partnership opportunities within the health sector, particularly with GPs for the purpose of Social Prescribing.

If you are a voluntary organisation or working with local communities and would like further information on how you might go about adopting or integrating timebanking into your existing work please do get in touch.  We provide information, support and training and should you choose to use Timebanking we offer free membership to a database (used by time banks across the world) that facilitates the recording and tracking of skills exchanges.

For Individuals:

Time Bank Hubs:

We are currently supporting the development of a number of hubs in the Lambeth area.  These include:-

Tulse Hill – We are working in partnership with the Tulse Hill Forum and one of the Tenants Residents Association to develop a Timebanking hub in Tulse Hill in tandem with a developing social club.  In addition to coming together to socialise on the housing estate members of the social club, Tulse Hill Forum and local community centres will be supported to share their skills, hobbies, interests and abilities on the basis of exchanging time.  As a result the community will become more cohesive and the health and wellbeing of participants strengthened or improved.

Kennington – The Kennington Timebanking hub is being developed in partnership with two local community centres.  The Timebanking hub will provide a health and wellbeing project to local residents, supporting them to be the assets in both the development of their own communities and the improvement of their own health and wellbeing.

Any individual is more than welcome to join any of the Time Bank Hubs as a member and members of each hub are welcome to events and activities run by the other hubs.

If you are interested in Timebanking please contact us to find out more.

Contact details:

David Goslyn, Time4Lambeth Coordinator
T: 020 8670 0990  E:  time4lambeth@pgtimebank.org  Twitter:  @Time4lambeth