Time Bank Studio Space

We want to help you develop your project or enterprise idea and get it off the ground.

Use our Time Bank Studio Space to develop your idea.  ‘Rent’ it by sharing your skills and giving your time to help others in your community.  For every hour you give in the community you can have an hour in the studio space.

Time4Lambeth is launching our new Space4Time project with a Time Bank Studio Space in Vauxhall!

The Time Bank Studio Space is a space for you to develop a project, activity or enterprise idea you may have, where you pay for rental of the space in time, not money.

We recognize that many people have really great ideas for projects, activities or enterprises, but that these often don’t get off the ground as it’s impossible to rent a space to develop them before you have an income.  That’s where we come in.  You can use our Studio Space to develop your idea, and pay for the space by giving your time to help others locally in the Time Bank.

For every hour you earn in the Time Bank helping other people, you can have an hour in the Studio Space to develop your project idea.

Applications are now open for use of the space and all are welcome!  There’s no restrictions on who can use the space, and which projects we’ll allow to rent it.  You may have a great idea for a business, a charitable project or even just a social activity.  All are welcome and all can use the space equally!

If you’re interested in using the space, or for more information, please contact David Goslyn, Time4Lambeth Coordinator, at or on 07445 450 253.

We look forward to hearing from you!