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Invest Your Time,
Earn New Skills.

Your skill is your currency. For every hour you invest in bringing someone else value, you earn credit to spend on your personal growth, one hour at a time.

Your Contribution Comes in
Many Shapes and Forms

From performing practical tasks, befriending someone, running errands or sharing food grown in the garden, help can come in many ways.
What's your currency?

Paxton Green Time Bank - Practical examples of Skills Exchanges and Coproduction

How the Time Bank Cycle Works

Step 1. Paxton Green Time Bank Exchange Cycle

1. Megan has one Time Credit and needs help planting her new tree.  

Step 2. Paxton Green Time Bank Exchange Cycle

2. Megan contacts her Time Bank Broker to ask for help to plant her new tree 

Step 3. Paxton Green Time Bank Exchange Cycle

3. The Time Bank Broker contacts Harry that enjoys gardening, to ask if he can help plant the new tree. 

Step 4. Paxton Green Time Bank Exchange Cycle

4. Harry accepts the exchange.

Step 5. Paxton Green Time Bank Exchange Cycle

5. The Time Bank Broker and Harry visits Megan's garden to plant the tree. 

Step 6. Paxton Green Time Bank Exchange Cycle

6. Megan spent one Time Credit receiving help from Harry to plant her new tree. Harry earned one Time credit planting Megan’s new tree.

*All new members earn one Time Credit for joining Paxton Green Time Bank. 

Paxton Green Time Bank - Member's Day Trips

How It All Started

Our mission is to provide a support network for the people of Southwark and Lambeth, by building a skill-sharing community. This increases respectful interaction between people living in the same area but has diverse cultures, backgrounds and abilities.

The Paxton Green Bank was founded in 2008 by Dr Brinkhurst and Dr Gemma Anson GPs, based at Paxton Green Group Practice (PGGP), who realised the need to support their isolated patients in Southwark and Lambeth.

Our Achievements


Years of activity




Hours shared between members

Paxton Green Time Bank awarded the Timebanking UK Quality Mark

The Timebanking UK
Quality Mark™

The Quality Mark covers such areas as financial management, planning, training and safeguarding, and is an assurance that your time bank adheres to the principles of best practice.

Paxton Green Time Bank was awarded Southwark Council Civic Award

Southwark Council
Civic Award 2022

A new Civic Award that celebrates those who work over and above the call of duty to promote equality, diversity and inclusion, enable good community relations, tolerance and understanding.

Meet the Team

Alison the Director of Paxton Green Time Bank



Contact For:
- Social Prescribing
- Coproduction
- Asset Sharing 

- Donations and Funding 

Kemi the Broker of Paxton Green Time Bank



Contact For:
- Membership
- Skills Exchanges
- Events & Activities 

Fabienne the Time2Connect Coordinator at Paxton Green Time Bank



Contact For:
- Timebanking in 

Care Homes & Disability Support Groups 

Become a Trustee! 

We are always on the lookout for new board members to advance the

purposes of the Paxton Green Time Bank.

If you are interested, please send your CV with a cover letter and

contact details to Alison Paule.

We'll be in touch.

Our Location

Public transport options:


450 (3 minutes walk away)

Kingswood Drive / College Road (Stop D)

Kingswood Drive / College Road (Stop N) 


3 (8-minute walk away)

Dulwich Wood Park / Kingswood Drive (Stop B)

Dulwich Wood Park / Kingswood Drive (Stop Q)


322 (10-minute walk away)

Gipsy Hill Gipsy Road (Stop C)

Gipsy Hill Gipsy Road (Stop H).

National Rail Trains

Sydenham Hill Rail Station (4-minute walk away)

Gipsy Hill Rail Station (12-minute walk away)

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